GEM – Round-Table on Outreach

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Round-Table on Outreach

Hosted by CBOMGS doctoral researchers Anna Kelley, Lauren Wainwright, Francisco Lopez-Santos Kornberger, and Maria Vrij

The Whitting Room (Arts 436), University of Birmingham

5:15 PM 10th February 2016

Anna Kelley and Lauren Wainwright

Students entering higher education are constantly bombarded with the message that studying a humanities subject is pointless and will leave them disadvantaged in the future. In this regard, CBOMGS has partnered with the Sandwell Council to hold outreach days at the University of Birmingham for students at the GCSE level to engage them with the study of histiry and talk to them about the benefits and advantages that come with continuing study in history and other humanities subjects.

Francisco Lopez-Santos Kornberger

Popularizing Byzantium, from my novel experience, is a serious but informal long-term project based on creative thinking, passionate projects and a daily trial-and-error empiricism. The Byzantine board game I elaborated in 2013 may serve as an example about popularizing Byzantine history. It was initially intended to adapt a previous RISK-like game onto a Byzantine background, but the work of adaptation also developed an aspect of in-game immersion for the political history of the period 1204-1261.

Maria Vrij

A number of current archaeologists and numismatists (myself included) began our interests as children, convinced we were going to excavate something really exciting in our own back gardens. Coin hoards are regularly found by amateurs and Roman coins are found in UK back gardens; I wish to inspire children to think that they could be one of those people. Therefore, a new exhibition has been in the works at the Barber. ‘Uncovering Hoards’, which will be quite basic in terms of content and clearly targeted at the non-specialist, but will be accompanied by a virtual exhibition which I hope will act as a research hub and help to bridge the gap between the basic and the specialist for budding enthusiasts.


Diogenes -Release of the 2nd Issue

Issue 2 October 2014

Issue 2 (Whole)

Wei-sheng Lin: Editorial

Murat Issi: Οι σκέψεις των Νεο-Οθωμανών περί του Ισλάμ

Styliani Lepida: The poll tax (cizye) in Cyprus during the 17th century: A depiction for the administration of its revenue

Dimos Ntentos: Όψεις αυτοαναφορικότητας στην Expeditio Persica του Γεωργίου Πισίδη

Gözde Önder: Ceramics and Carpets: Icons of Cultural Exchange between Venice and the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century

Rebecca Darley: Review – Experiencing Byzantium: papers from the 44th Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, Newcastle and Durham, April 2011

Jason Fossella: Review – The Byzantine Imperial Acts to Venice, Pisa and Genoa, 10th–12th Centuries

Qiang Li: Review – Οι Τούρκοι ανάμεσα στην Κίνα και το Βυζάντιο (552-659 μ.Χ.)

Like Zhang: Review – 拜占庭帝国通史

Annika Asp-Talwar/Jeffrey Brubaker/Matthew Kinloch/Wei-sheng Lin: Supplementum – Byzantine Thirteenth Century Day Wrap-up, 13 May 2014

Matthew Kinloch: Supplementum – South-Western Turkey in the 13th and 21st Centuries

Gemma Masson: Supplementum – Outreach Workshops in Ottoman History

Andrea Mattiello: Supplementum – Cappadocia in Context 2014 – a report