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The Call for Submissions for Diogenes (7.2) is now closed. Thank you very much to those who submitted their papers. Authors will be notified by the general editor within a month for the status of their submission.

Issue 6, November 2017

The editors are pleased to present the sixth issue of Diogenes!

The present issue is a by-product of some of the papers presented at the PGR Colloquium on Multiculturalism from late Antiquity to Modernity organised at the Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies in June 2017 by Gemma Masson and Francisco Lopez-Santos Kornberger.

The contents of this issue are as follows:

Danai Thomaidis, University of Venice, Greek icons in Venice and their impact on Venetian identity

Mara Psalti, University of Athens, Niccolò Timoni: An 18th century Chian littérateur and his contribution in early Modern Greek literary criticism

Juan García González, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, The Sertorian War as a bellum civile: an outlook from the 4th and 5th Centuries AD

James Baillie, University of Vienna, Tamar’s Lions: A Digital Approach to 12th Century Georgia

Curtis Lisle, University of Birmingham, Performing the City: Suggestions for an Archaeological Understanding of ‘The City’ and Urban Transformation in Pisidian Sagalassos


The general editor is Vassiliki Kaisidou.

The specialist editors for Issue 6 were Anastasia Tantarouda-Papaspyrou, Panagiota Vasilaki, Michael Burling, Laura-Marie Clark,  Alex Feldman, Francisco Lopez-Santos Kornberger, Panagiota Mantouvalou,  Joseph Parsonage,  Flavia Vanni, Maria Vrij Lauren Wainwright.

If you have any questions regarding getting involved in submitting to Diogenes, please contact the editors at

GEM – Contributing to a Postgraduate Journal

Event poster

Contributing to a Postgraduate Journal: How is your text going to be edited?

Presented by Wei-sheng Lin

The Whitting Room (Arts 436), University of Birmingham

5:15 PM 13th May 2015

Have you always wondered how to prepare your contribution to a postgraduate journal? Are you interested in editing a journal? If so, then this session is for you!

We will be talking about how Diogenes is edited, our very own open-access journal of GEM. This sessions explains the process from the time you submit your contribution to when it’s actually published.