Registration – The 17th Annual CBOMGS Postgraduate Colloquium, Birmingham

Colloquium programme

‘Redefining the Margins: Seeing the Unseen in the Eastern Mediterranean’

Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies, University of Birmingham

4th June 2016

Registration deadline: 30th May 2016

Attendance is free, but you must register by contacting Anna Kelley ack44[at]


Call for Papers – The 17th Annual CBOMGS Postgraduate Colloquium, Birmingham

Call for Papers poster

Redefining the Margins: Seeing the Unseen in the Eastern Mediterranean

The 17th Annual Postgraduate Colloquium

Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies, University of Birmingham

4th June 2016

Submission deadline: 31st March 2016

Papers are invited for the 17th Annual Postgraduate Colloquium at the Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies. There are fashions in scholarship just as there are in costume or architecture, which means that certain topics are emphasised while others are marginalised. For example, 25 years ago a huge proportion of Byzantine art historical scholarship was devoted to illuminated manuscripts; today this is a much smaller field of study. This colloquium will focus on those ‘lost’ subjects, or subjects that never held the spotlight. We are interested in ‘peripheries’ of all sorts, including more traditional forms of marginalisation. The act of ‘marginalisation’ has been perpetuated and experienced in societies throughout the world: to construct the ‘other’, to classify as ‘fringe’ or outside the ‘mainstream’, to define and to diminish borders, populations, cultures, and ideas, both with or without intention.

Papers of approximately 20 minutes in any of the fields related to Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies are welcome. Please submit an abstract of no more than 250 words no later than Thursday 31st of March to Anna Kelley ACK442[at] Applicants will be notified of selection within two weeks of this date.

Please note: limited bursaries to help with travel costs of speakers are available. Please contact the organiser for details.

GEM – Round-Table on Outreach

Event poster

Round-Table on Outreach

Hosted by CBOMGS doctoral researchers Anna Kelley, Lauren Wainwright, Francisco Lopez-Santos Kornberger, and Maria Vrij

The Whitting Room (Arts 436), University of Birmingham

5:15 PM 10th February 2016

Anna Kelley and Lauren Wainwright

Students entering higher education are constantly bombarded with the message that studying a humanities subject is pointless and will leave them disadvantaged in the future. In this regard, CBOMGS has partnered with the Sandwell Council to hold outreach days at the University of Birmingham for students at the GCSE level to engage them with the study of histiry and talk to them about the benefits and advantages that come with continuing study in history and other humanities subjects.

Francisco Lopez-Santos Kornberger

Popularizing Byzantium, from my novel experience, is a serious but informal long-term project based on creative thinking, passionate projects and a daily trial-and-error empiricism. The Byzantine board game I elaborated in 2013 may serve as an example about popularizing Byzantine history. It was initially intended to adapt a previous RISK-like game onto a Byzantine background, but the work of adaptation also developed an aspect of in-game immersion for the political history of the period 1204-1261.

Maria Vrij

A number of current archaeologists and numismatists (myself included) began our interests as children, convinced we were going to excavate something really exciting in our own back gardens. Coin hoards are regularly found by amateurs and Roman coins are found in UK back gardens; I wish to inspire children to think that they could be one of those people. Therefore, a new exhibition has been in the works at the Barber. ‘Uncovering Hoards’, which will be quite basic in terms of content and clearly targeted at the non-specialist, but will be accompanied by a virtual exhibition which I hope will act as a research hub and help to bridge the gap between the basic and the specialist for budding enthusiasts.