Subject Resources

There are a variety of online learning and research resources related to the Byzantine, Ottoman, and/or Modern Greek Studies. Below are some that may be of help to people interested in either field. There is also a list of blogs by researchers from the Centre towards the end of this page for people thinking of their life after getting a degree in either field.

Modern Greek Studies – resources for researchers

Modern Greek Studies – literature and writers

Modern Greek Studies – language resources

Ottoman Studies

Byzantine Studies

Subject resources for more than one field

The Levant Project

Dr. C. Virgilio, after obtaining his PhD at the University of Birmingham in 2015, initiated this prosopographical project. It aims to provide a database for individuals active in the Levant. Though in an early stage, this project seeks to provide assistance to researchers and a general audience navigating the immense documentation of Latin activities in the Eastern Mediterranean. As this database aims to cover a variety of textual sources, anyone who would like to contribute are welcome.

Research centres/projects and professional societies

Modern Greek Studies

Ottoman Studies

Byzantine Studies

Personal blogs of doctoral researchers from the Centre

Dr. Marios Hadjianastasis, with an interest in Ottoman Cyprus and socio-economic history of the Mediterranean, reflects on his professional life as well as various areas in his expertise while working as an Academic Practice Advisor at the University of Birmingham.

Dr. Jonathan Jarrett, currently a Lecturer in Early Medieval History, updates his thoughts on various topics related to the Middle Ages. He was a Lecturer in Medieval History in the Department of History at the University of Birmingham and then Interim Curator of Coins at the Barber Institute.

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