GEM – debate: the Best ruler ever

Wednesday 4th March – GEM encourages its members to get involved in a debate on the “best ruler” ever. Everyone will have 5 minutes (max) to put forward an argument that their chosen ruler is/was the world’s greatest ruler ever, and there will be prizes for the winning and most entertaining arguments!
5:15pm – Whitting Room


GEM – MOVIE: ‘Rise of Empires: Ottoman’.

It’s reading week, so for those of you on campus we will have a more informal GEM this week (Wednesday 19th February). We will watch the first episode of the new Netflix series ‘Rise of Empires: Ottoman’.

Please feel free to bring along drinks and snacks. We will provide refreshments as usual.

Wednesday 19th – 5:15pm – Whitting Room (Arts 436). We look forward to seeing you there!

Trailer available here:

GEM – The Cyprus Problem in the 21st Century.

The Cyprus Problem in the 21st Century

Presented by Antonios Savva (University of Birmingham)

The Whitting Room (Arts 436), University of Birmingham

5:15 PM 29th January 2020

This presentation seeks to introduce the audience to the history and context of the Cyprus Problem. Subsequently, it shall present recent 21st century developments, before opening up for audience discussion, posing such questions as:

(1) “what does the future hold for the Cyprus problem in the 21st century?”

(2) “how long can the status quo remain the same?” and

(3) “does there exist a mutually acceptable solution to the problem, or rather, what must change in order for such a solution to be actualised?”