Diogenes, Issue 5 (November 2016)

The editors are pleased to present the fifth issue of Diogenes!

The contents of this issue are as follows:


The Monastic Revolution: The Case of Sozomen’s Church HistoryMatteo Antoniazzi
Between the Local, the Global, and the Political: Local Poetics and Social Activism in
Yiannēs Makridakēs’s WorkVassiliki Kaisidou
Greek attitudes towards Europe: Politics, Education, Pop Culture (1981-2001)Anastasia Tantarouda-Papaspyrou


Byzantium’s Other Empire: TrebizondJames Baillie
Wanted Byzantium. The Desire for a Lost EmpireTheodora Panella

Download Diogenes Issue 5 Here

The general editor is Anna Kelley; the specialist editors for Issue 5 were Joseph Parsonage, Alex Feldman, Francisco Lopez-Santos Kornberger, James Baillie, Gemma Masson, Onur Usta, Flavia Vanni, Lauren Wainwright, and Theodora Panella. If you have any questions regarding getting involved in r submitting to Diogenes, please contact the editors at diogenes[at]contacts.bham.ac.uk.


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