Senior Lecturer, Uppsala universitet

Senior Lecturer in Art History (UFV-PA 2016/1186)

Uppsala universitet

Application deadline: 15th July 2016

The Department of Art History conducts teaching and research in Art History, Textile History, and Cultural Conservation Studies at two sites, Engelska parken, Uppsala, and Campus Gotland, Visby.

Duties: The position includes teaching, examining and supervising undergraduate, MA and PhD students with a focus on architecture, urbanism and cultural heritage during the Middle Ages and the Early Modern period. Teaching includes assuming responsibility for the broad-spectrum introductory courses on the undergraduate level, course administration and supervision. The applicant might also be asked to undertake administrative duties, or general responsibility for the department’s education programs. The position includes research.

Place of employment: Campus Gotland, Visby, is the place of employment, although tuition in Uppsala as well as distance tuition may occur.

Eligibility requirements: An applicant is eligible for employment as Senior Lecturer if she or he has completed a doctorate in art history or possesses academic qualifications that the employer deems as equivalent, has documented good teaching ability and has the personal capabilities required to carry out the duties of the position well.

A condition for the determination that the necessary pedagogical expertise exists is that the applicant has completed relevant tertiary-level teacher training comprising at least ten weeks or has in some other way acquired equivalent proficiency. In special cases, the tertiary-level teacher training may be completed during the first two years of tenure.

Documented ability to teach both in Swedish and English is required.

For more details and to apply, click here.


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