GEM – Iconophilia


Religion, Politics and the Arts in Early Medieval Italy Against the Background of the ‘Image Struggle’ (680–850 AD)

A research project presented by Dr. Francesca Dell’Acqua, Marie Curie fellow at the Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies

The Whitting Room (Arts 436), University of Birmingham

6:00 PM 8th December 2015

This project will specifically focus on the development and dissemination of the theological matters that affected the policies of the Roman Catholic Church between the late seventh and the mid-ninth century, and on the ‘translation’ of these theological matters into a literary and visual imagery. The political, cultural, and artistic interactions and the developments of Christian mentality between the West and the East during this phase are actually still a ‘grey area’ in Medieval and Byzantine studies, having been dealt with only occasionally and compartmentally. By using literary as well as visual evidence, ICONOPHILIA will explore this ‘grey area’ and prove to be significant to a range of scholarly disciplines, while being appealing also to a wider global audience interested in religious mentality, Church history, history of monasticism, cultural policies, visual thinking, art production and consumption as socio-political statements.

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship n° 657240 (ICONOPHILIA) – Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014–20)


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