GEM – 2015 Committee Elections

Event poster

GEM 2015 Committee Elections

The Whitting Room (Arts 436), University of Birmingham

5:15 PM 20th May 2015

As we are approaching the end of this academic year, it is time to hold elections for a new GEM Committee. The new committee will consist solely of students who are going to continue their studies at CBOMGS next year, but all CBOMGS students are invited. Apart from conducting the elections, this General Meeting is also an opportunity for everyone to share their thoughts and give feedback on the activities undertaken by GEM during this academic year. Moreover, any ideas on long-term projects or events that could be organised next year will be greatly appreciated.

This meeting particularly appeals to those continuing or considering continuing their studies at CBOMGS next year and wishing to get involved in its 2015-2016 committee. The committee will run GEM at least for the first few weeks of the next academic year. This idea is that after those first weeks, it is up to the committee to decide upon ways to get incoming students involved (for instance, by means of conducting fresh elections next autumn, in order to engage and incorporate new students as well).


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