Call for Papers – GEM Forum Autumn 2013

GEM Forum Autumn 2013

Submission deadline: 1st September 2013

Following the success of the GEM Forum last year, we are pleased to call for a new session of GEM Forum papers in autumn 2013. The concept is the same as previously: in each Forum session, 1-2 postgraduate students give a talk about a topic of their research. Alternatively, the GEM Forum can be a film screening or a visit to the University’s facilities relevant to fields covered by the CBOMGS.

This will be an ideal place to try out ideas and get feedback on research, as well as being an excellent opportunity to expand your academic CV.

The Forum allows participants to:

  • practise giving papers (for example, in preparation for the CBOMGS Colloquium or for any other forthcoming conference);
  • practise handling PowerPoint presentations;
  • receive feedback on any works-in-progress;
  • improve your confidence at asking and being asked questions in public, yet in a friendly atmosphere;
  • meet and socialise with other postgraduate students.

Wine and snacks will be served. All are welcome.

Prospective Chairperson

If you are interested in chairing a session of the GEM forum this would involve giving a short introduction about the speaker/s and their work then directing the Q&A session afterwards.

Prospective Speaker

In order to plan a programme, please send your abstracts by 1st September including:

  • the proposed paper topic AND field of study (e.g. Byzantine, Ottoman or Modern Greek Studies);
  • an abstract of approximately 200 words;
  • dates of your availability (GEM has use of the Whitting Room from 5:15 PM onwards Wednesday evenings all of next term);
  • whether you would require any AV facilities.

Yes, I am interested!

Both prospective chairperson and speaker should contact the GEM Committee by 1st September 2013 through cbomgs[at]


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